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An Indian woman gets her cunt screwed

Originally from India, she lives in the USA. After introducing herself, a dark-haired man starts fondling her. She has big jugs and stiff nipples. Another man comes along and begins to finger her while she gives head to the former. She sucks and masturbates before getting shagged. She keeps blowing them while getting her cunt fucked in doggie-fashion. Then the guys change roles and position, but the rules remain the same. She straddles one of them while sucking off the other. As she's penetrated in the missionary position, the latter nibbles at her nipples and paws her breasts. She gets her slit licked, plays with one of the chap's penis and even strikes her button with it. After she gets violently banged, one of the guys shoots his load into her mouth. She whitewashes her tits with spunk, runs a finger through the cream and slides it between her lips.

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